About us

F & S Invest a. s. is a group of nine companies engaged in development projects aimed at meeting the needs of customers looking for residential housing near Prague. The main goal of our group is to build residential projects that are in harmony with the social environment and to provide cost-effective but quality housing. The construction of our projects takes place in the region of Rudná near Prague and in city of Slaný. 

Our Vision

Our main goal is the implementation of residential projects that are in harmony with the living and social environment. We place particular emphasis on affordable but high-quality housing.


In 2012, we started the construction of the 1st phase of the Na Malé Růži residential project. Following the successful completion of 4th and 5th phase, preparation for 6th phase of this project is currently underway and other will follow.

Our second project is Viladům Borovského, which is a pilot construction of the Verde Slaný residential complex.